Heritage Retirement Report

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The Retirement Report provides timely news and updates for plan sponsors and fiduciaries of defined contribution plans.  See the archive for access to all editions.

Retirement Advisors Service Model

Fiduciary Partner

Fiduciary responsibilities can be a challenge for retirement plan sponsors to understand and manage. As a plan advisor, Heritage Institutional is dedicated to providing a holistic process to improve retirement plan outcomes for both employers and participants.

  • Unbiased, expert guidance
  • Advice on plan construction, administration and monitoring
  • Fiduciary compliance/education programs
  • Ensure plan compliance and efficiency
  • Minimize total plan cost
  • Enhance investment opportunities
  • Maximize employee participation
  • Promote understanding

Key Areas for Advisor Assistance

Plan Design

  • Set plan goals and monitor outcomes
  • Select appropriate plan features
  • Ensure plan maintains qualified status

Compliance and Governance

  • Interpret and adhere to ERISA regulation
  • Maintain documentation of important items such as IPS and meeting minutes
  • Interpret testing results

Fee/Benchmarking Analysis

  • Total cost analysis
  • Side-by-side comparison of services
  • Investment platform ranking
  • Fee negotiation


  • Select appropriate investments through 3(21) or 3(38) services
  • Monitor fund performance
  • Select qualified default investment alternatives
  • Benchmark fund fees