Retirement Plan Advisors

Argent/Heritage Retirement Plan Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC that specializes in providing fiduciary and investment advisory services to employer sponsored qualified and non-qualified retirement plans.

We have been providing our plan sponsor clients with unbiased advice since 2008. Our clients range from large publicly traded companies to multi-generationally owned family businesses to non-profits to municipalities. We provide advisory services in a transparent, honest format that is service provider and investment agnostic. We work for our clients, not the service providers.

At a Glance:
• Retirement plan advisory clients: 73
• Participants served: 31,800
• Total plan assets: $1.1b
• Demographic Region: Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas

Heritage Retirement Plan Advisors is proud to announce that we are now a CEFEX certified Investment Advisor.  We are the only CEFEX certified Investment Advisors in Oklahoma.

CEFEX is an independent global assessment and certification organization. Its mission is to promote and verify excellence by assessing and certifying conformity to high professional standards of conduct.

Our CEFEX certification means we understand the importance of having a documented investment process, thereby helping promote our client’s confidence that their investment strategies are being prudently organized, formalized, implemented and monitored. Additionally, our firm is being annually monitored by an independent third party, which effectively helps our clients manage their fiduciary obligations.

Click here to learn more about what the CEFEX certification means for our clients.


Our holistic process has 6 major components:

Investment due diligence– our proprietary Scorecard System that incorporates 15+ quantitive and qualitative metrics is presented quarterly to the committee as an easy 10 point scoring system.
Fiduciary Compliance– our program provides resources as a means to identifying potential weaknesses in your plan and remedy through education, diligence, and process.
Provider Benchmarking– our B3 Provider Analysis report includes 400+ data points in key areas: Recordkeeping, Total Plan Cost, Investment Management, Compliance, Employee Education, and Technology. We provide an apples to apples comparison report to the committee.
Target Date Fund Consulting & Risk Analysis– risk based analysis to ensure the proper selection of a new or existing TDF. Since most TDF serve as the plan QDIA, due diligence of the TDFs should be done every couple of years.
Plan Design/Behavioral Health– we lead the committee through a behavioral health audit to assess the design of the plan in order to improve participant outcomes through positive choice architecture, plan design and match optimization.
Financial Wellness Education– providing employee with access to financial wellness education is a priority. Personal financial issues and debt are the leading causes absenteeism and workplace stress. Employee deserve tools that meet them where they are today. Financial wellness focuses on budgeting, emergency funds, credit cards debt, basis financial management, and financial stewardship.

For more information, please contact a member of our team:

Mark Milton, President, Argent Retirement Plan Advisors
Brad Knowles
, Managing Director, Argent/Heritage Retirement Plan Advisors
Ryan Barnett, VP, Heritage Retirement Plan Advisors
Carrie Brown, Chief Compliance Officer
Chris Shankle, CPA, CGMA, Senior Vice President
Linde Murphy, CRCP™, Managing Director, Institutional Services
Robert Strauss, CFA®, Senior Portfolio Manager