What is HIS and is there a HERS?

by Garrett Johnson, Client Service Manager

Garrett JohnsonWith the new year comes new resolutions and that little mental hurdle of writing 2016 on everything instead of ’15. 2016, 2016, 2016. There. That should do the trick. Now, I thought I’d take a moment to explain just what HIS stands for. You may have seen it on a bathroom towel somewhere. That’s not us. That’s HIS and HERS. No, our HIS stands for Heritage Institutional Services. See, Heritage Trust has expanded over the years to include more specialized service areas. Our full spectrum includes Trust, Mineral Management, Investments, Financial Planning, Institutional and Real Estate. We are an independent registered investment advisory that includes two divisions:

  • Retirement Advisory
  • Foundations & Endowments Management

Our retirement advisory division deals primarily with company retirement plans which includes assisting clients with plan design, benchmarking analysis, investment advice and due diligence, regular fiduciary compliance, providing participant outcomes, and a monthly informational newsletter. Our function is solely a fiduciary in an advisor role. As an advisor, we do not manage our clients’ assets — we simply advise our clients on their plans.

Another thing unique to Heritage that sets us apart from the competitors: we have no conflicts of interest from affiliations, parent companies or proprietary products to cloud our judgment. This allows us to focus on our clients’ plans and confidently make unbiased recommendations to the clients we serve and consistently educate. We are also located right here in OKC.

Our experienced staff consists of advisors Matt McGuire and Brad Knowles, our investment committee, and myself as the Client Service Manager. To learn more about our staff and view our staff bios, please visit “Our People“ page.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2016!