June Retirement Report

Solutions for a Stressed-out Nation — Mature couple discussing financial matter with advisorHow stressed are we? In May of 2014 New York Life Retirement Plan Services sponsored a research study which shed light on individual stress levels, its causes, and how best to combat it.

Fiduciary Seminar Alert — Plan fiduciaries have a primary responsibilities to understand and prudently discharge their duties in accordance with ERISA and their plan document. This section provides content and extra fiduciary training for plan fiduciaries.

How to Encourage Positive Retirement Outcomes in Tax Exempt Plans — Tax exempt organizations seem to have a different attitude towards the implementation of these strategies. Find out what they are in this section.

When “Float” is a Bad Thing — Float refers to the earnings or “compensation” accruing to a service provider while a plan’s contribution remittance (or other assets held in suspense) is awaiting deposit or distribution. Find out how to keep compliant.

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