Emerging Leaders Q & A

with David Luke & Brad Knowles

As part of our Heritage Trust 20th anniversary celebration, we recently asked two of our emerging leaders to share their thoughts about our company and its future. David Luke, president of Argent Mineral Management, and Brad Knowles, managing director of Heritage Institutional, discussed why they joined Heritage Trust and some of their personal milestones/achievements.

Q: What initially drew you to Heritage, and what skills or experience do you believe you brought to the company?

Luke: I joined Heritage for the opportunity to lead a group of oil and gas professionals. I brought hands-on oil and gas experience from the E&P (exploration and production) side, which is not typical in the mineral management world. I was also attracted to Heritage’s deep commitment to growing the minerals management business and the benefits of having access to the expertise of the different services at Argent Financial Group.

The main reason I joined Heritage was the opportunity to merge my company (RBK Capital, LLC) with Heritage to form Heritage Institutional. It was a merger of like-minded companies that allowed Heritage to take its fiduciary and investment philosophy and experience and apply it to a new market (retirement plan consulting). I was excited about the challenge of building and growing a new business within Heritage.

Q: What would you consider your career milestones or your most memorable experiences at Heritage?

Luke: I’m most proud about the work our team has done in combining Heritage Mineral Management with Argent Property Services and turning it into a thriving business that has seen substantial growth over the past several years. And we did it during a period when oil prices plunged.

Knowles: My first career milestone was when we doubled the assets and revenue of Heritage Institutional in the first 18 months. The enormous respect in the community for the Heritage brand and its people gave Heritage Institutional immediate credibility with decision makers, which allowed us to grow at a fast rate.

Q: What do you wish more people knew about the company?

Luke: I wish more people knew that a good portion of our team is made up of experienced oil and gas people who are affiliated with a great variety of specialists at Argent Financial Group. That’s rare in the mineral management industry.

Knowles: The people and their expertise. The depth and breadth of services Heritage provides and the caliber of the people delivering our services is amazing.

Q: Why is the work you do important?

Luke: Mineral ownership is intimidating, complicated and confusing to those outside our industry — and at times even to those in the business. The work we do here provides peace of mind, financial success and security for our clients.

At Heritage Institutional, we work directly with companies in a consulting capacity to help their employees save for retirement. It’s very rewarding to
partner with a client to create an efficient plan that’s easy for them to manage, is transparent and provides their employees with options they didn’t have before.

Q: What are your thoughts on the future of the company?

Luke: The future is bright. The energy market in this part of the country still has a long, healthy future, even with the gradual emergence of renewable energy
sources. The company is staffed with experienced, intelligent people who are located throughout the heart of America’s energy belt, and that’s a very big
plus for our company.

The sky’s the limit for Heritage. We could easily double the assets under advisement (for retirement plans) at Heritage Institutional during the next three years. We’re really gaining traction and it’s due to the expertise and proven track record of the Heritage team and the efficiencies of our processes and systems.