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The idea that what works for one client won’t necessarily work for another is true.

Special Asset Administration Services Overview

Unique Services for Unique Assets

Heritage is dedicated to preserving your family legacy. Everything we do starts with you. We bring an unbiased approach to protecting, managing and growing your wealth. With a wide array of services and resources, our professionals are ready to sit down for a conversation to see how they can help you reach your goals. Our comprehensive farm management system provides complete farm management services for landowners. Our goal is to relieve the daily management burden and worry over your farm and ranch estates, while helping to achieve the greatest financial return.

Taking a big picture approach, we consider the long-term value and proposition when it comes to owning land. The firm works with clients to devise and execute a strategic plan of action to generate the greatest amount of net worth from property ownership. A landowner may identify some or all of these objectives as important in their overall plan for their property and its management:

Cash and Crop Rental Services

  • Recommend lease alternatives
  • Locate and screen operators
  • Lease negotiation
  • Periodic land inspections
  • Monitor conservation methods and needs
  • Farm accounting & income tax compilation
  • Crop marketing & risk management
  • Monitor compliance in government programs
  • Evaluate crop insurance needs
  • Audit owners share of farm expenses
  • Regular communication with owners & family members


Why Choose Heritage

Heritage is deeply committed to serving our clients’ best interests.

Often we meet clients with unique needs and are challenged to delve further into new areas of service to meet those needs.

We believe our independence and agility are critical aspects of how we do business and allow our advisors to be flexible and creative in meeting client needs.

More About Our Special Asset Administration Services

Below are areas in which we have developed qualified teams of professionals to meet the unique needs of our clients. If you have special asset needs beyond those listed below, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we may serve you and meet those needs.

Trust & Estate administration
Investment management
Oil and gas management
1031 exchange administration
Farm succession planning
Perform complete or partial liquidations
Hunting leases

Oil & Gas Management

Our oil and gas management group, Heritage Mineral Management, is uniquely qualified to help property and mineral owners maximize the wealth their land can produce while protecting the value of the land itself. We do this by providing management, accounting, and advisory services for clients with oil, gas, and mineral holdings throughout the U.S. Heritage actively manages interests for many institutional clients, including school boards, hospitals, universities, non-profits, foundations, and publicly traded companies.

Read more about those services on our Oil & Gas Management services.

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Additional Services That May Be of Interest to You:

Corporate Trusts

Administrative and investment expertise to help protect your business and support its growth.

Custody & Escrow Services

A range of custody services with the scale and quality sophisticated institutional clients expect.

Investment Management

A comprehensive scope of investment services that are designed to optimize the performance of your financial assets, based on your unique needs and strategy.

Governmental Services

Administrative and investment expertise serving governments and municipal bodies in managing complex public finances.

Philanthropic Services

A full range of philanthropic services for all sizes of nonprofits and private foundations, including an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) solution.

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