Investment Management

Our mission is to manage, grow and protect your wealth. We take that mission very seriously.


Investment Management Services Overview

Investing Based on Diversification, Discipline and Valuation

Before investing, it’s important to discuss your overall financial goals—what’s the purpose of the investment, how much liquidity you need, and what expectations you have. With these goals in mind, Heritage Trust tailors an investment plan with strategies and tactics to meet your unique needs.

We truly believe your long-term success outweighs short-term gains. Staying grounded, disciplined and diverse is how you deepen your financial stability and ultimately flourish. That’s why Heritage’s investment management services are rooted in THREE CORE beliefs:

  • DIVERSIFICATION– diversification reduces risk and enhances return
  • DISCIPLINE– discipline prevents emotional errors
  • CONTROL FEES– fees, expenses, and timing of tax gain/loss recognition are the only controllable components of investment returns

Why Choose Heritage

Heritage acts as a true fiduciary, putting clients’ interests first. Our services are fee-based and we do not receive other compensation for any investment decision.

Heritage’s investment professionals average more than 17 years of experience, and each client relationship at Heritage is overseen by a dedicated portfolio manager who also serves on our Investment Committee.

Your portfolio manager serves as part of your client service team, which works to develop a thorough understanding of your specific goals, needs, and circumstances in order to construct a portfolio best suited to those factors and in consideration of appropriate risk.

Our Investment Philosophy

Heritage believes that successful investment management must be based upon a foundation of diversification, a disciplined focus on valuation and expected returns, a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and circumstances, avoidance of unnecessary fees and expenses, and careful management of taxes.


Diversification is a time-honored concept. As important as ever, it is also becoming more difficult to achieve as correlations among sectors and between equity and fixed income securities continue to increase. Diversification is the tactic we use to protect investment portfolios against negative outcomes, but it also helps improve our clients’ chances of participating in wealth-creating opportunities.


While we adhere to the discipline of allocating investments into asset classes with the most attractive valuations, we also know that protecting wealth requires a careful avoidance of concentrations and the spreading of risk. We are willing to make opportunistic investment decisions in times of stress and are willing to reduce or exit positions in times of euphoria.


We focus on a thorough understanding of valuation. Starting valuation is the key determinant of long-term performance of an investment, and we make investment decisions accordingly.

Client needs and circumstances

While certain portfolio management tools and strategies are broadly applicable, each client may have a unique set of circumstances, and we will develop custom portfolios and strategies to meet those needs.

Fees, expenses and taxes

We focus on avoiding unnecessary costs when managing investment portfolios. We work to identify and utilize quality active strategies when they can add value, but we may also utilize low-cost and efficient passive strategies where they make sense. For taxable accounts, we maintain a constant awareness of the tax implications of portfolio decisions.

Investment options for clients in the private, corporate and public sectors:

  • Large Cap Equity Strategies
  • Strategies for Low-Basis or Concentrated Equity Holdings
  • Taxable and Non-Taxable Fixed-Income Strategies
  • Cash & Short-Term Fixed-Income Strategies
  • Mutual Fund and ETF Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Alternative Investment Strategies

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