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Leaning Into Leadership

What does it take to build a great community? And what’s the difference in a good Unknowncommunity versus a great one? Many would argue it’s leadership. Heritage takes pride in our community and our people through the involvement in local leadership programs like the statewide Leadership Oklahoma program and city programs.

According to Heritage’s Tony Scott, Vice President, Relationship Manager, “Community leadership programs reward participants through education about the inner workings of their community and through exposure to community leaders in business, industry, and government.”

Unknown-1Scott got to witness firsthand how leadership programs serve to match active and engaged residents with programs and services of interest to them, which is mutually beneficial.

Aaron Jack, Director of Development and Marketing, was initially surprised by how much he was personally impacted by each class. “I’d come home and be exhausted simply because of how much I had learned and interacted during the day. The program exposed me to aspects of our city I likely would have never encountered.” He strongly encourages anyone who is asked to participate in a Leadership program to do so.

Scott believes being a part of the local community leadership program taught him a lot about the rapidly growing metro-area community, the infrastructure required to support its growth, and the many related community-wide services and activities growth demands. Scott spent several years as a Chamber volunteer helping coordinate leadership classes for participants in classes that followed.

Founder and president Bond Payne explains that Heritage exists to serve clients and the Unknown-2community and that Heritage can not accomplish that purpose without employees who live in, care about and are engaged in the community. “That is why we have made a commitment to encourage and support our employees’ participation in Leadership OK and Leadership OKC where they re-ceive the knowledge and leadership skills to make an impact on our city and state and, ultimately, the lives of our clients,” said Payne.

Participants go on tours, lectures and hands-on learning opportunities to see all facets of community and civic planning and programs. Other Heritage employees who have graduated from state or community leadership programs include Mike Carroll, Leah McCombs, and Matt McGuire. To learn more about how to get involved in leadership programs in your area, contact your local Chamber of Commerce.


What Our Heritage Team is Grateful For

In honor of Thanksgiving, we asked some of our team members at Heritage to share what they are grateful for about the OKC community. We’d love to hear what you’re thankful for in comments.

maps_logoIn the community, I am most thankful that in 1993, Mayor Norick had the foresight to encourage a “yes” vote for MAPS at a time when the city was not doing at all well economically.  We all know the results – Billions in investment and a much stronger and vibrant economy.  One person can make a vast difference through strong leadership. – Lance Johnson

I’m most thankful for the opportunity to work with individuals who truly care about their clients. It makes for a very enjoyable place to work and allows us to work better as a team on a daily basis.” – Garrett D. Johnson

imagesI’m grateful for the #OKStandard project by the Oklahoma City National Memorial.  The movement has reminded us of how strong we Okies are and that we do have an amazing spirit of generosity.  We are challenged to continue fulfilling our standard of character by volunteering with an act of service, honor or kindness. – Jennifer Pellow

Being a nearly life-long resident of Oklahoma City, I’m very thankful that this fine town has developed such a pride for itself over the last decade.  It has always been a good place to live…now it is a great place to live…and the sense of pride that now exists around town has been a key driver of that transition. – David Luke

I am grateful for the Brookdale/Statesman Club independent living facility in 33357-1Oklahoma City.  They provide a wonderful atmosphere that keeps seniors engaged and socially active for a better quality of life. – Cathy McKinzie

As Oklahoman’s we are all too familiar with tragedies that touch us all. I am thankful for the outpouring of support, unity and love Oklahoman’s give to one another in the most difficult of times. – Shannon Reed

From the Heritage family, Happy Thanksgiving!