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Monthly Market Brief – March 2017

Each month, our Heritage Investment team publishes a market brief to provide an overview of the major factors influencing the US economy, including a summary of key sectors and the current positives & challenges.

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Here are some key highlights:


  • The PCE Price Index advanced sharply to 1.9% in January; as inflation approaches the Fed 2% target along with full employment, the Fed will have met economic health goals necessary to begin the advancement of rate hikes
  • Personal income along with wages & salaries rose a solid 0.4% in January
  • The health of the labor market appears relatively good as jobless claims remain unusually low


  • Even with consumer confidence reaching highs not seen since the Reagan years, the post-election surge has yet to spark much traction in economic data
  • Driven by an unusual weakness in service spending and a reversal in auto sales, consumer spending posted the weakest result in 5 months, up only 0.2% in January
  • Both the ISM Manufacturing Index & the Philly Fed Index have been making headlines regarding strong advancements, but actual data has yet to confirm these positive assessments
  • Ongoing strength in the U.S. dollar continues to weigh on exports & drive imports higher as U.S. products are more expensive to foreign buyers & foreign products less expensive to U.S. buyers

Heritage Institutional- December Retirement Report 2016

Each month, our Heritage Institutional team publishes the Retirement Report, which provides timely news and updates for plan sponsors and fiduciaries of defined contribution plans.  This month’s topics include:

  • Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck!- Negotiating Retirement Plan Fees with Your Provider
  • Changes in Employees Demographics May Impact Owner’s Percentage of Retirement Plan Contributions
  • Index Funds- Passive or Passive Aggressive?
  • Allowable Plan Expenses: Can the Plan Pay?

To read the full report, click here.