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Book for Children and Adults

It is important to educate children about wills and trusts, however it is just important to remind parents the importance as well. Below is a book that everyone can enjoy, great story line and illustrations! 51P1o4uK3hL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_

From the publisher Quan A. Vuong J.D.

I wrote this book to educate parents on the basics of estate planning in a way that also entertains children – A young girl named Ellie is going away to camp.  As she is about to leave, she has to decide who would receive her toys if she does not come back.  During the decision process, she learns about the importance of using a will and trust to accomplish her goals.

Why this book? As a father of two young children, I learned that reading with them is an important part of their intellectual development. However, after reading countless children’s books, I realized that there were no books that both appealed to children and was informational for parents. As an attorney and Certified Public Accountant, many people have sought my advice regarding estate planning, primarily wills and trusts.  I hope this book allows adults to learn the basics of a will and trust while spending valuable time with their children.

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